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The Ace - 5 people

Bateau ACE

The ACE is spacious and intelligently designed. This boat’s ample width contributes to its stability and simplicity to navigate.  It can comfortably seat up to 5 people, and there is significant space on board for its small size. The ACE will win you over not only by its esthetic design and cosy interior, but also by it’s user friendliness. 

Length: 3.85 m (12.63 ft)
Width: 1.90 m (6.23 ft)
Weight (including batteries): 270 Kg (595 Lbs)
Homologation CE: 5 seats Cat. D

Type: 1 Engine of 650 W
Max Speed: 7 Km/h (4.35 Mph)




The Scoop -  7 people

Bateau SCOOP

The Scoop’s classic design and optimum engine performance make her a quiet and enjoyable ride. Kick back and relax with up to 7 people and prepare yourselves for smooth sailing! 

Length: 4.75 m (15.58 ft)
Width: 1.95 m (6.40 ft)
Weight including batteries: 520 kg (1144 Lbs)
Homologation CE: 7 seats Cat. D

Type: 1 Engine of 1.6 kW
Max Speed: 8 Km/h (4.97 Mph)